Another Mystery Solved at EuroCar Service

Mystery Solved at EuroCar Service

A day in the life of a EuroCar Service mechanic in Seattle may not seem like the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. After all, we have more rain than fog. We use different tools. No one wears a deerstalker cap. But there are some similarities.

First off, most times folks bring their car to us, they have a mystery on their hands. They don’t what’s happened, they only know that something is wrong. Maybe a warning light popped on. Or, it’s running poorly or making a funny sound. Because a car is made up of many complex systems, it’s challenging to figure out why a particular symptom or set of symptoms are happening.

Once you bring your car in, each case begins the same – with an interview. You tell us what’s going on, and we narrow it down based on clues. A typical interview might begin with a complaint about an odd sound coming from the front right wheel.

“What kind of sound?”

“A clunk, clunk sound”

“When do you hear it?”

“When I turn and accelerate.”

Right and left turns? When you’re going forward? How about in reverse? On and on until we have the information we need to dive in like Sherlock and track down the culprit.

The more specific you are, the more quickly we can find out what’s wrong. If there’s a leak, for example, tell us the color of the fluid and where the puddle is forming under the vehicle. Rather than telling us your car’s been “sputtering,” give us detailed information. For example, “It stalls after it’s been driven for about 20 minutes and I go over 50 mph.”

Because we’re Seattle’s experts on Audis, BMWs, Fiats, Land Rovers, Jaguars, Mercedes, MINIs, Saabs, Smart Cars, Volkswagens, Volvos, and more, we will be able to sift through these clues and narrow down the list of suspects.

Then we can get to work fixing the problem so we can get you back on the road and back to your life. For us, it’s another mystery solved, and we’re on to the next case. The Feverish Fiat. The Misaligned Mercedes. You get the idea.

Getting to the bottom of what’s wrong with your car and giving you high-quality repairs is hard work. But it’s also satisfying. That’s why we’ve remained committed to cutting edge automobile service for over 40 years. In addition to the latest in specialty tools and electronic test equipment, we also provide free shuttle service and loaner cars to all our Seattle clients. For dependable, accurate, and honest automobile service, call EuroCar Service at 206-527-8828 or schedule your appointment online today!