5 Spring Maintenence Tips

As beautiful and fun as winter can be, the cold and snowy season can be especially rough on your car. The potential for winter sludge to build up and damage your car makes spring the perfect time to bring it in to get a tune up and get you ready for summer travel.


Here are five spring car maintenance tips to keep in mind:


1. Remove leftover salt


The salt used on roads to melt ice and snow can cause serious damage to cars, particularly if it is left on the undercarriage of the vehicle leading to the metal rusting. Thoroughly wash your car to eliminate salt and be sure to spray the undercarriage to remove any potential build up.


2. Change oil and check fluids


Spring is a great time to get an oil change, especially if you did a lot of driving throughout the winter months. Remember that is recommended to change your oil ever 3,000-5,000 miles, depending on the age of your car.  It is also a good idea to flush your transmission fluid. It is often neglected but can be a very expensive repair so it is better to be proactive.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to top off window washing fluid levels, brake fluid, and coolant.


3. Check alignment and suspension


Driving over potholes or other winter road imperfections can greatly affect the alignment and suspension of a vehicle. If you happen to notice that your car is pulling to one side or the steering wheel vibrates as your drive, there is a good chance you have a problem. Bring your car in before the problem gets any worse.


4. Rotate tires and check air pressure


Check your tire pressure, including the spare. Having a spare does you no good if it is also flat. Keeping your car’s tires at optimum air pressure levels can improve the ride, handling, traction, and overall safety. Also, to ensure that the tread of your tires wears evenly, it is best to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles.


5. Inspect brakes


It is crucial to ensure that your brakes are working properly. Bring your car in to get the pads and rotors checked over to confirm there are no safety issues.